Coco Thompson


Coco joined the Parsons Welcome Committee in 2016 as a Greeter-in-Training; she has a lot to learn in terms of poise and self-restraint, as she strives to become a full-time steward of professionalism. Her positive attitude, innate enthusiasm, and eagerness to please management is indicative of great potential. You will most likely find Coco lounging in the lobby where she patiently waits to screen incoming visitors.

Of Poodle and Maltese heritage, Coco hails from the rolling foothills of Milpitas, CA. In her spare time, Coco lives an active lifestyle and enjoys vertical leaps, playing fetch, speed-racing her supervisor Muggsy, and attempting to cheer up her grouchy brother Fred by jumping and picking on him.


Favorite food: chicken

Favorite quote: “Me, me, me”

Favorite Holiday: Halloween