Fred Parsons


Fred joined the Parsons team at the end of 2012 as a member of Muggsy’s Welcome Committee before moving on to Head of Security. Despite this all-important role, Fred spends most of his time at the office sleeping, though he may occasionally be found foraging for food or shuffling from one of his beds to the other.

Coming from a long line of Beagles, Fred was born in Roseville, CA in 2012 and moved to the Coastside soon after. He now splits his time between Half Moon Bay and the Gold Country, which he loves as it reminds him of his slower-paced early puppyhood. Outside of work, Fred enjoys cuddling, sleeping, eating, and barking fervently at the ground.


  • Favorite food: Whatever is in Carla’s trash can
  • Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving – though I’ve ruined several!
  • Biggest accomplishment: Successfully recovered from two torn ACLs