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Our Story

We are very proud and honored to be a progressive and professional family business, one that offers our clients truly holistic and comprehensive financial services. We love what we do and are committed to continuing to grow and evolve to give our clients the excellent service and confidence they deserve.


With roots dating back to the 1960’s, Parsons Wealth Management has always been a family business proudly serving our community. The firm was originally founded by William “Bill” Parsons as a small tax practice in El Granada. In 1985, Bill’s youngest son, John M. Parsons, joined his father to form Parsons & Son; Bill would retire soon after, in 1990. As the tax business continued to expand, John became aware of both his clients’ needs for comprehensive financial advice and his desire to provide it; this was the beginning of Parsons Financial Advisors.

Parsons Financial Advisors really began to flourish in 2004, when John obtained all his investment registrations and began offering extensive financial services including Financial Planning, Investment Management, Estate Planning, Protection Planning, and more. John’s son, John William Parsons, joined the family business in 2006. After running the investment operations side of the business for over a decade, John William has moved into the full-fledged financial advisor role. Currently, John and John William conduct a lot of their client meetings together and feel this partnership brings tremendous value to the clients.

Parsons Financial Advisors has continued to grow and thrive behind John and John William’s vision, passion, commitment, and deep connections to the local community. As of 2019, the business has rebranded itself as Parsons Wealth Management.

Our Approach

Effective Game Plan

Your financial plan is built around your goals and vision. As your life and financial situation change, we continually make adjustments to optimize the outcome.

Advice in Common Language

It’s no use explaining your financial plan if all we use is jargon. Our relationship is about keeping you informed in a conversational way.

Straightforward Fees

You should know what you’re paying your advisor and how those fees apply to your investments. We’ll explain our fee structure so you have confidence you’re receiving the value you deserve.