Meet Tom


Tom Bour joined Parsons in 2021. He grew up in Southern California and graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Business Administration.

Two weeks after graduation, Tom wasted no time putting his degree to work as he and a friend started a small business. As a partnership and later as a sole proprietorship, the endeavor was a success, and Tom moved to Half Moon Bay in 2013 to focus on his business. Ready for a new challenge, he sold his company to become an insurance professional before joining the Parsons team.

Tom and his wife enjoy the slow-paced coastal life, taking walks and drives in the community with their two adored Chihuahuas and appreciating the communal experience of live music.


Favorite Food:


Favorite Quote:

“There shall be no peace in the world until all men are free.” -- Gandhi

Favorite Movie:


Place most like to visit:

The Cook Islands